Title: The Sweetest Time (Rune Factory: Frontier) Artist: Nakatsuka Takeshi (中塚武) 695 plays


Title: The Sweetest Time [Full Edition]
Album: Kiss & Ride
Game Appearance: Opening movie to Rune Factory Frontier

Note: It seems the original YouTube video I had posted this song from had their account either deleted or requested to remove the video by third party yadda-yadda-yadda. I bought the album where this track is in its full form (happiness!).

So for those who already heard it and/or played Rune Factory Frontier; Hear it in its entirety. Those who have never heard this and/or never played Rune Factory Frontier, enjoy the piece (which I grew on me after a while and eventually became one of my favorite songs from Takeshi).

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Title: Give Heart Back to Music | Shounen of Nazareth Artist: Daft Punk x Justice x Homemade Kazoku 1,130 plays



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After having these cosplays for almost three years with no photos, we finally did a photoshoot. We got lots of cool photos, this is the first of four post I’ll make 8D

Photo by Angeline / Daisy as Mami Tomoe / Me as Kyoko Sakura

Hope you like them!

A sketch.

Some things from december. The top one is painted with gouache, the other, with oil pastels.


Hey guys! I’ve opened commissions since a couple of persons here were interested.

Gonna put it here just in case~ I think the most i can draw is pokemon characters, but commissions are commissions so almost everything is welcome. You can check my dA and tumblr for more references.


My friend KLO is now taking comissions! Her style is really cute and the prices are very low, so if you are interested, go and commission her!

celestial-butterfly asked: Hi! Firstly, love the blog! Happy to have come across it! But a couple of questions: do you know of there are any RF art books? When I tried looking it up on Amazon, the only thing I really came across were the "Official Memoir" and "Official Perfect Guide" for RF4. Do you know what these are? Are they just strategy guides? Are they worth getting? Thanks for your time! :)


In that case, firstly… Thank you!  ^-^

Secondly, regarding art books, then it depends on what you’re looking for, I suppose. I’ve never actually seen any of these in person, so this is mostly just me wagering a guess, but…

The Official Memoir has images such as this of characters from games 1-3 and Frontier (not sure if they include anything from RFO, or RF4). I don’t think it’s a strategy guide; from these images that I found, I would assume it’s mostly just info about the characters, fighting, etc. more than anything else:



And the Perfect Guide appears to be the RF4 equivalent of this:


However, since I have never looked into these, I’m afraid that’s all I know. These, of course, are official books from Japan, so I don’t believe there are any translations for them either. That’s as much as I know.

And as far as I’m aware, there is not a Strategy Guide of any kind for the series, apart from the unofficial ones online.

I sent a reply to this, but it looks like some of the text was lost so I’ll write it again in a reblog c:

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9 gifs of ao being sassy and cute 

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Title: Viva Namida Artist: Yasuyuki Okamura 21,783 plays


Title: Space ☆ Dandy OP Single - Viva Namida [Space Dandy Edition] 

Artist: Yasuyuki Okamura 

Release Date: 29/01/2014 

Type: Single Opening

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